The Functional Back

Back pain self-treatment featuring the Hubble Method


Gillian_1613_WebThe Functional Back, located in the stunning red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, was founded by Gillian Hubble.

For over a decade, she lived with severe pain from a mistreated broken back, complications from lumbar fusion and other surgeries, bionic body parts, and an incredible array of expensive and largely ineffective treatments.

She’s supposed to be in a wheelchair. She’s not – she’s out running ultramarathons. Determined that there had to be a better way, Gillian leveraged her years of experience as a clinical healthcare consultant, medical information scientist, and physiologist to develop an evidence-based back pain treatment program, the Hubble Method. The last 30 years of medical research indicates that with most back pain it is the treatment that matters, not the diagnosis.

So the Hubble Method focuses on the root causes of most back pain – postural alignment and function – regardless of your diagnosis. The Functional Back is dedicated to teaching you posture therapy and techniques to get your back and pelvis functioning normally again, so you can leave your back pain behind.

Gillian is the author of The Back Pain Conspiracy: How to Watch Your Back and Lose the Pain. She holds graduate degrees in medical physiology and medical information science, and earned an undergraduate degree in health science. When not helping clients lose their back pain, she can be found running in the mountains. She’ll see you on the trails.