The Functional Back

Back pain self-treatment featuring the Hubble Method

Back pain: Is concentrating on your posture enough?

When I talk to people about their back pain, they often tell me they know their posture isn’t great. They know they should concentrate on it, and assume that postural therapy is just instruction on how to do so. Is it, and is it enough?

My definition of postural therapy definitely includes concentrating on good alignment techniques, but that isn’t the heart of The Functional Back program. Why? Take a look at this short YouTube video:


The van driver is obviously concentrating very hard on maintaining good lane alignment. But he can’t for very long, because the van’s tires (if not the entire axles) are hopelessly out of alignment. The driver can try to muscle the vehicle into alignment, but he’s not addressing the root cause of the problem. Sooner or later his attention wanders, and the van drifts where its tires tell it to.

In short, that’s why the first step in TFB’s back pain self-treatment program is realignment. Disuse, pain and their related postural dysfunction create a vicious cycle. So we need to gently guide our skeletal structure and our connective tissue back into a healthy alignment. And yes, we also need to change our long-term patterns and learn to stand, sit and move the way we were designed to!

The realignment programs will be released very soon. Meanwhile, download the free TFB Posture Self-Evaluation Workbook and find out whether you are a Purple Panther, a Darwin Duck, or a Corkscrew (or a combination!).