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Back pain self-treatment featuring the Hubble Method


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There is more to the back pain epidemic than you think…

Are you considering drugs, procedures, or even major surgery for your back pain? If you value your future back health, don’t do anything until you’ve read The Back Pain Conspiracy. Author Gillian Hubble exposes secrets that have been buried in the medical literature for decades.

This book evaluates 21 of the most popular conventional and alternative back pain treatments using the best medical evidence, to show you what works – and what doesn’t. In addition, it breaks down back pain myths and misconceptions so you can understand your pain and how to lose it.

You Will Learn:

  • Why you have back pain, and why it won’t go away.
  • How to identify back pain myths and misconceptions.
  • What the most–and least–effective back pain treatments are.
  • When to pursue which types of treatment.
  • Where to look for long-term back pain relief.

The Back Pain Conspiracy answers your treatment questions and much more. It is based on a unique combination of 30 years of the best medical research, plus the personal, decade-long odyssey of a clinical healthcare consultant with a broken back and severe back pain. She made the mistakes so you don’t have to, and unearthed the startling facts behind the mythology.

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Review Excerpts: What People are Saying 

“A very thorough book regarding back pain. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis after going a whole year of excruciating pain…Due to the pain the only way I was comfortable was in an L position and I went ahead and had the surgery done. Where was this book when I was having this done?  After surgery and three screws & a plate later, I was having even more pain…The more I searched for the right answer the more pain erupted…I can only say please, please read this book it may have the answers for you. It also states that with certain symptoms this book is not for you, and to visit your physician.  Personally I give this book five gold stars because it did hit almost every possibility there is, but I’m sure there are more out there.  My hats off to the author.” – Marie M.

“Whether you have had surgery for your back, fight with constant back pain, or, like me, ‘just have a bad back’ that would ‘go out’ on occasion for no apparent reason, this book is for you!!! It completely blew my mind about what we know about…keeping our backs healthy & pain free…” – Katharine S.

“[The book] is engaging, delightfully written and almost impossible to put down. Ms. Hubble captured my attention immediately. She has outstanding credentials and is a breath of fresh air on a subject that affects thousands of people. Having had most of the usual medical treatments herself, she speaks from personal experience…This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone who suffers from either acute or chronic back pain.” – Patricia L.

“[T]his book was very easy to read, and even easier to follow…After the first few days of following some of the things I should do to help take away the pain I was quite astonished at how different I felt! I could actually carry my youngest around all day and not ache half as bad! This book makes you think about your everyday life. Things that you wouldn’t have thought about before, or a different way of thinking about back pain. I used to think that there was nothing that I could do about it but now I truly know that there is ALWAYS something I can do!” – Natasha S.

“I have read a lot of books about back pain, but this one was the most informative! Ms Hubble has an amazing amount of scientific knowledge plus personal experience which makes this the most in depth and powerful book…” – Lauren S.

“I enjoyed your book and in the end I felt like I was reading common sense.” – Axel S.

About the Author

Gillian_1613_WebGillian Hubble is a clinical healthcare consultant to hospitals and health systems, a medical information scientist focusing on clinical care quality and evidence-based medicine, and a medical physiologist. For over a decade, she lived with severe pain from a mistreated broken back, complications from a lumbar fusion and other surgeries, bionic body parts, and an incredible array of expensive and largely ineffective treatments. She’s supposed to be in a wheelchair. She’s not – she’s out running ultramarathons.

Determined that there had to be a better way, she leveraged her years of professional and personal experience to research the back pain epidemic and the most popular back pain treatments. The Back Pain Conspiracy documents the startling results of her research, from which she developed an evidence-based back pain self-treatment program, the Hubble Method. Her company, The Functional Back, is dedicated to teaching the Hubble Method to back pain sufferers so they can leave the pain behind.

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