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Top 5 Back Pain Mistakes We Make

It may seem surprising, but we have a choice. We can speed up our recovery from back pain, or we can drag it out indefinitely. Here are the 5 mistakes we make most often (however unintentionally) that delay our ability to lose the pain:

  1. Treating symptoms, not causes: Most medical treatments focus on pain symptoms said to be coming from bones and discs in our spines. But these passive spine components don’t cause back pain. Focus on the factors that actively affect back function, namely tight muscles and poor posture.
  2. Expecting our doctors to fix us: Helplessness isn’t helpful. Submitting ourselves for a quick-fix procedure or to prescription drug treatments poses proven risks but few proven benefits. 
  3. Limiting our activities: Movement is key to recovering from back pain, just as it is for any injury. Whatever our diagnosis, becoming inactive will make the pain worse, not better.
  4. Not leading our own treatment plan: We need to seek out scientifically proven care that works in the short-term while we work on long-term pain relief by addressing our root problems of muscle tension and poor posture. Don’t expect to get better by just going along with whatever doctors recommend.
  5. Allowing back pain mythology to scare us: Our spines are not fragile, nor are they out to get us. In most cases it took decades of abuse before our backs rebelled. Treat back pain like any strain or sprain: expect to recover from it.


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